Galapago Elements Island Hopping Yacht



It is of utmost importance trying to use as little of this precious resource as possible. Here´s a few tips to help you save fresh water during your travels:

  • Take short showers

  • Turn off the water flow when brushing your teeth or shaving

  • try to wash laundry with large amounts of clothes, no single items

  • Clean fruit and vegetables using a bowl, not running water

  • Do not dispose of trash in the toilet

  • check for leaks on pipes and faucets, and let administration know if you find any.

  • share these tips with your friends and family!


Your luggage will be inspected at the continental Ecuadorian airports of Quito or Guayaquil before your access to the Galapagos National Park is granted. This is to avoid for non-endemic animals and plants to enter the islands. You have to go through the same procedure when leaving the archipelago in order to prevent endemic animals and plants from leaving the islands. Violators of this regulation – apart from high penalty fees – may even suffer jail time depending on the seriousness of their actions.


We recommend always buying local first. Local businesses will benefit from your expenses during the trip, supporting a stable local economy. Explore the delicious restaurant offer, take home some  unique souvenirs, and consume from locally produced food sources!


Galapagos is not only a travel destination, but also one the world´s most strictly regulated national park. This means, that littering is considered as misconduct. Most of the beaches you will visit during your travels are protected areas and therefore you will find no bars, restaurants, shops, bathrooms or waste bins around. We ask all our passengers to be respectful to nature and the national park´s regulations. All items that enter the protected areas need to leave them as well.”