Day Tours

Take in a beautiful, very comfortable navigation on the Pacific Ocean and be ready to observe on the way marine turtles, perhaps dolphins, stingrays and with luck whales. On Floreana Island learn about the interesting history of the first colonists, and enjoy swimming with playful sea lions in La Loberia. Our navigation will also permit us to observe the Devil's Crowne.

PRICE (PER PERSON)         170 .- usd pp.

Departures: Guaranteed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with minimum 10 passengers

This one day tour will take you to the pristine Isabela Island where, we enjoy a hike along the Humedales to observe flamingoes and other marine birds. Enjoy visiting Las Tintoreras, a fantastic place where you can observe penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions, blue footed boobies and the whitetipped sharks known as las "tintoreras". Enjoy the beautiful beach of Isabela Island.

PRICE (PER PERSON)         180 .- usd pp.

Departures: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with minimum 10 passengers

This tour is a wonderful opportunity to get to know with the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island. During the navigation and with some luck, you will be able to observe marine turtles, stingrays, whales, as well as a wide variety of marine birds. Following the trail, you will be delighted by a native forest, cactus and acacia trees. Upon arrival to the top of Tijeretas Hill, we will be able to enjoy a great view on the Pacific Ocean, on Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and on the famous geological formation, called Kicker Rock. Here, we will get the chance to see two marine bird species, called Tijeretas. Activities include snorkeling, as well as a nice hike on Carola beach, a great spot for photography.

PRICE (PER PERSON)         180 .- usd pp.

Departures: every Sunday with minimum 10 passengers

About our Day Tours


  • Navigation on board of our First Class Galapagos Element Wind Yacht.

  • All transfers and Excursions

  • English & Spanish speaking Galapagos naturalist guide certified by the Galapagos National Park

  • Meals: Lunch


  • Accommodations

  • Galapagos National Park entrance free USD 100 per person (payable upon arrival)

  • Tip and other expenses

  • Drinks and more meals

Santa Cruz









This day tour to Floreana Island starts at 6:30 AM with a short walk to the pier of Puerto Ayora, from where a local aquatic taxi will take us to the first class Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht with which we will start sailing to the small town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra located on Floreana Island. With little luck and during the navigation, we may
be able to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales. Once we arrive at Pto. Velasco Ibarra, a local water taxi will transport us from the speed boat to the pier of the town. There, we will have great chances to meet sea lions and marine iguanas enjoying the morning sun! Then, we will take a
local transportation known as “Chiva” and start a 30 minute ride up to the highlands of Floreana Island. The chiva will ascend following a mud road surrounded by typical dry vegetation of the coastal area. Later, as we ascend, it will transform into a lush, green vegetation. In this area, we also find some farms with plantations of bananas, coffee, cocoa, and other tropical plantations. Our short drive will end at the “pampada” from where we start a nice walk that permits us to observe the typical flora of the area. On our way, we will also encounter some giant Galapagos tortoises. They are very sensible and shy, so when we approach them, they will immediately hide into their carapaces. It is very important not to touch or feed these amazing animals. Our walk will continue until we reach a rocky area at base of the hill and where we find the place known as “Asilo de la Paz” (Peace Asylum), a historical place where the German Wittmer family settled down when they arrived to Floreana in 1932. During our walk we will observe the caves they used as their home before moving to the place which is now known as Puerto Velasco Ibarra. The whole ambiance of Asilo de la Paz is of complete tranquility, with a landscape of exuberant green vegetation, and if weather permits, we can enjoy awesome views of the surrounding hills and perhaps of the Pacific Ocean. After this visit, we descend to the point where we meet the chiva which will transport us back to town where we will enjoy a lunch prepared in a small, local restaurant. 


After a short rest, we go for a 1 km walk to the place known as “La Loberia”, a bay of beautiful scenery. The main attraction of this place is the presence of a small colony of sea lions (Zalophus Wollebacki). There is also a great chance to observe marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus Cristatus) resting on the rocky areas. In the water of the bay we will be able to observe marine turtles (Chelonia Midas Agazzisi). We will also have time to spend snorkeling, or just taking pictures and then we return to for some free time before boarding our Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht for our navigation back to the city of Puerto Ayora



The tour to Isabela Island starts at 6:30 AM when our guide picks you up from your hotel. After a short walk, you are at the pier of Puerto Ayora from where a local water taxi will take us to the Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht in order to sail to the city of Pto. Villamil on Isabela Island. During our 3 hour navigation, there are great chances to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales. Once at Pto. Villamil, a local water taxi will take us to the pier from where our private transportation takes us to the Isabela Turtles Breeding and Interpretation Center where our guide will explain us about the different activities developed by the National Park to protect this fragile environment. Here, we can also find Giant Galapagos Tortoises of different species and sizes. Afterwards, we start our walk to the place known as “Humedales” (Wetlands).


The walk follows a well maintained path from which we can observe this beautiful place composed by lagoons and rocks. It is surrounded by 4 species of mangroves and typical trees of the area. In the lagoons we can observe flamingos and migratory birds such as the charran or Gaviota de Galapagos (Creagrus furcatus), the Cerceta aliazul, etc. The walk ends at one of the main streets, close to beach. Nearby, you can find the Iguana Crossing Restaurant where we will have lunch while
enjoying a great view of the Pacific Ocean. After lunch, a short rest will be followed with a visit to the place known as “Las Tintoreras”, a scenic area where we find colonies of marine iguanas, sea lions, and as one of the main attractions we will be able to observe the sharks known as Tintoreras (White-tipped shark) resting in the channels formed by lava flows. Later, we can do some snorkeling perhaps
accompanied by sea lions, penguins and marine turtles. In the area close to the pier, we will have time to rest and enjoy the beach before we embark our Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht and navigate back to the city of Puerto Ayora

Gps Isabela beach 1.JPG


The tour to San Cristobal starts at about 6:30 AM when our guide picks you up from your hotel. After a short walk, you are at the pier of Puerto Ayora, from where a local water taxi will take us to the Galapagos
Element Wind Speed Yacht in order to sail to the city of Pto. Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island. During our 2½ hour navigation, there are great chances to observe marine turtles, stingrays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales. Upon arrival to Pto. Baquerizo Moreno, our guide will take us for a hike to San Cristobal’s Interpretation Center. Here, we can learn about Galapagos, its geography, the volcanology and the history of the local people. Then, we will continue our hike following a well- marked path surrounded by typical vegetation of the area with giant opuntia cactus, native trees of Galapagos, acacias and with the possibility to observe different species of finch birds. This path will take us up to the summit of the hill known as “Cerro Tijeretas”. Once on the top, our effort will be rewarded with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. On the border of the cliff, we will have the opportunity to observe 2 species of birds nesting in the same area. From here, we will also have a nice view of
the city and far away we can observe the impressive “Kicker Rock) geological formation emerging from the ocean. After some pictures, we descend to the base of the hill where we find a beautiful cove where it is possible to snorkel.  


We will continue our walk to the place known as “Punta Carola, a sandy beach surrounded by local flora and where we will find a large colony of sea lions. There are great opportunities to take breath-taking photos here. Then, we will follow another path which will take us back to the center of the town where we will have lunch in one of the local restaurants. Afterwards, a private transportation will take us up to the highlands of San Cristobal Island. The itinerary passes along the
historical village of “El Progreso” continuing to the base of Cerro “El Junco” where we will hike up to its summit to observe the crater alike area with “El Junco Lagoon” known as the only place of San Cristobal with fresh water. After descending from El Junco, our transportation will take us to the Interpretation Center of “Cerro Colorado” where we can observe Giant Galapagos Turtles of different sizes and species. Transport back to town and after a short free time, we will board our
Galapagos Element Wind Speed Yacht which will take us back to Puerto Ayora